Intern Update

Intern Update: Marie Ramos

Intern Marie Ramos (right) with other APAC staff and interns.

Aloha! My name is Marie Antonette Anamong Ramos, and I am the 2012 Francis & Sarah Sogi Fellow at the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center. I am majoring in Ethnic Studies with a minor in Filipino Language and Culture at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa and will be graduating in May 2013.  My main responsibilities at APAC revolved around #apa100, an upcoming online exhibition that tells the Asian Pacific American experience through 100 milestone objects, events, sites, images, sounds, and videos. As a project assistant, I secured materials for the exhibition from both the Smithsonian and outside cultural organizations and institutions across the nation.

In addition, I conducted independent research that examined the art form of Spoken Word as a site for identity construction amongst Asian Americans. I interviewed and analyzed the works of the following poets: G Yamazawa, Asia Samson, and Regie Cabico. This project was important to me because I do volunteer work with a couple of high schools in Hawai’i that have recently started a Slam Poetry club on their campuses. These schools have a predominantly Asian American student population.

To sum it up briefly, this fellowship fosters growth on multiple levels: professional, academic, and personal. I have gained valuable experience in public programming, curatorial work, and project management. Ultimately, I hope to take the skills and knowledge that I acquired at APAC and implement them in my work with the various communities that I serve in Hawai’i.


3 thoughts on “Intern Update: Marie Ramos

  1. Mercedes Lardizabal says:

    Your experience sounds very enriching. I am a Filipino American myself working on my thesis about “Building the Social Capital of the South Florida Fil-Am Community through Arts and Culture.” It’s encouraging to see the growing interest and research in Asian American Studies.

    Did you interview Asia Samson of He is a fellow South Floridian and does great work.

    I am looking forward to the #apa100 exhibition!

    • Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center says:

      Hi Mercedes. I would love to hear more about your work. I am also part of a panel that will be presenting on Filipinos in Hawai’i at the Association for Asian American Studies conference in Seattle, WA this April. This time I look at the work of a local Filipino spoken word artist, Faith Pascua, in relation to the militarization of Hawai’i, colonial mentality, and decolonizing the mind.

      Yes, that’s him! I agree, Asia is phenomenal writer. So are G Yamazawa and Regie Cabico.


      • Mercedes Lardizabal says:

        That’s great! I didn’t know about that conference since you mentioned it. I did a search and the topics sound interesting…I’m in the final stages of completing my thesis. Once I have the final copy I’ll definitely share it.

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