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Event Recap: APA Heritage Month Family Day

From top: handmade storybooks, clay fortune cookies, and Q&A session Derek Shimoda (right) moderated by Cedric Yeh (left).Families and children of all ages came to the National Museum of American History to commemorate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This day of activities centered on Sweet & Sour, a display that traces the evolution of Chinese food in the United States and the long history of Chinese immigration.

There were many hands-on activities for children, including working with artist Sushmita Mazumdar to create handmade storybooks. Children also made clay fortune cookies, explored Asian spices, and learned how to use chopsticks. Visitors watched the film, Killing of the Chinese Cookie, and participated in a Q&A discussion with director Derek Shimoda. Teens from the Hirshhorn’s ARTLAB+ video production program  interviewed children and recorded their kitchen stories. These videos of the families can be found on www.SmithsonianEducation.org/Heritage

You can listen and download the audio for Derek Shimoda’s Killing of the Chinese Cookie Q&A.
Click here to download the MP3 file
(19mins, 23mb)

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From left: Storybook artist Sushmita Mazumdar, clay fortune cookies, and chopsticks game.


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